about me...

My name is Achim Schaller an I live in Freiburg (Germany) at the Black Forest. I am a civil engineer working here as a programmer.

My favourite hobbies are astronomy and photography. Although I am more a visual observer (with a self built 12” dobsonian telescope) I take some astrophotos, too (as you can see ;-)
I also like to build telescopes, the biggest one a 17” f4.5 dobsonian which was a donation for the International Amateur Observatory Association  IAS in Namibia

I like to go hiking with my girlfriend Carolin an our little greek dog Kvinni.
Around Freiburg there are a lot of places to go climbing and in winter time to go snowboarding
Of course Carolin an I spend a lot of time at our club’s observatory:
In winter my favourite work at the observatory is to get rid of the snow, which is often more than 1 meter high...